Ekklesia Christian School is our private, on-site school that is accredited with the AdvancED Network.  It exists to provide high quality, Christian education. We will continue to operate our school, as a day school option for local students, throughout this transition time.  We hope to inspire our student to achieve high performance in Academics, Behavior, and Christian Character; making them aware of their true potential and abilities, but most importantly, we strive to introduce our students to the love and freedom Christ offers them.

We use the ACE – Accelerated Christian Education and School of Tomorrow as our base curriculum.  ACE has a strong focus on character and Bible training while providing rigorous standards of education.

The school also offers language classes through Rosetta Stone, another individualized learning program often used by Fortune 500 companies to train their employees. We currently have French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese available.

Occasionally students may come to the Ranch anywhere from 1-3 years behind in school.  We assess all students upon acceptance to Ekklesia Christian School   in order to determine their true academic level. This process helps fill in any learning gaps that may exist.  Our individualized curriculum allows us to do this, and a student can complete 1-1/2 to 2 years of work in 1 school year, eventually catching them up to their chronological grade level while ensuring mastery before moving forward.

Life skills and personal interest courses are also offered at the school.  Past courses have included: Culinary Arts, Auto Shop, Woodworking,  Sewing, Guitar, Equestrian Care and Horsemanship. These classes are taught by area volunteers and knowledgeable staff members.

The school goes on various field trips throughout the year.  These have included the Craters of the Moon State Park, National Birds of Prey, McCall Ice Carnival, Micron, Gabby Farms Animal park, Rapid River Fish Hatchery, and the War Hawk Air Museum.


We are involved with the CSAA – Christian Schools Athletics Association.  This collection of Christian Schools competes in Flag Football, Volleyball, and Basketball.

Not seeing your extra curricular activity? Ekklesia is committed to our students individualized educational needs and desires. In the past when a students interest lied outside of what we had to offer we've partnered with other local schools and groups in order to fulfill the interest. This included activities such as Choir and other sports not offered by CSAA.

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