Job Description


   Shaun Erickson, Direct Care Supervisor


   A Resident assistant is to provide spiritual support, encouragement and leadership to his/her community.  The RA should be available to his/her residents and empower his/her residents to grow and develop as good citizens.  To promote and enforce standards for appropriate Christian behavior, developing and enforcing standards for community behavior, and encouraging self-governance.  Encourage residents to hold each other accountable for their behavior, confront, and document when necessary, any inappropriate resident behavior.  Report such incidences to your director or other appropriate personnel in accordance with protocol.  Confront individuals with Godly respect, consistency, and fairness at all times. 

Principal Duties:

  This position is for a 9-month school year and requires that you live in a house with our students, be available to mentor and advise as needed.  Setting a Godly example for these young people, encouraging spiritual growth and accountability with education requirements.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:



  • Encouraging residents to grow in maturity in their desire for God and a love for His Word,

  • Encouraging residents to embrace the sacrifice and salvation offered by Jesus Christ and learn how to serve and impact others for Christ.

  • Role model healthy personal behavior – i.e. sleep, balance between jobs, academic and social life, class attendance and study, stress management, and time management.

  • Demonstrate active listening skills when responding to resident issues.

  • Initiate conversation with residents who appear to be experiencing problems and offer assistance.

  • Encourage residents to talk to each other when they experience conflicts with each other.

  • Defend and support the rights and dignity of every individual resident.

  • Establish and Implement House Keeping and Chore schedule. 

  • Encourage the continual development of good personal hygiene habits: e.g. bathing, brushing teeth, shampooing, changing of clothes, etc...

  • Be alert to the health needs of the Resident. Report to Resident Director or Superintendent any illnesses requiring medical attention.

  • Work with all resident assistances in the care for those who are ill or injured by proper administration of first aid, appropriate medications, bed rest, etc...

  • Keep the Residential Directors and Superintendent aware of any special medical needs such as glasses, dental care, etc...

  • Check with residents that their school work/home work is being completed.  If in need of tutoring please encourage resident to talk with teacher or principal for tutoring.

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, workshops and institutes designed for in-service training.

  • Assist, when called upon, in entertaining of special groups visiting the school.

  • Work closely with residential directors, superintendent, principal and teachers in providing an atmosphere of cordiality and cooperation.

  • Be in the dorms anytime a resident is in their room or on the floor.

  • Be responsible for the Dorm/House, equipment, buildings, and the area of the grounds assigned to each dorm.  Needed repairs or equipment failures should be reported to the office or the person in charge of maintenance.  Repair it yourself if possible.

Necessary Qualifications:
  • Over 21 years old in reasonable good health.
  • Contributes to Ekklesia’s general work.
  • Active member of a Christian Church or Church of Christ.
  • Does not use tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, profane and vulgar language, and habits detrimental to the resident’s Christian development.
  • Qualified, valid driver’s licenses.
  • Current federal criminal background check and fingerprints or willing to get one.
  • High School Diploma is required further education/training/certification encouraged.
  • Good time management and able to teach good work ethics.
  • Filing necessary reports and keeping current on residents that you have in your care. Provide the records and forms that are needed and requested from time to time.  Also, observe the specific procedures that are, or will become, a part of the operating policy.
  • At least 2 years of experience with children.
Personality Traits Desirable:
  • Mature, Stable, free from emotional problems.
  • Dedicated to the care of children as a ministry.
  • Demonstrates Christly love in daily living.
  • Able to forgive and not let incidents affect your relationship with the residents, your own family, and other staff members.
  • Patient, not easily frustrated.
  • Free from physical and emotional handicaps that may be irritated under pressure.
  • Firm, but gentle in Christian morals.
  • Fair.
  • Consistent.
  • Able to work as a team member and quickly resolve conflicts in a biblical manner.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Self-discipline and self-motivation with healthy self-confidence.
  • Salary
    • $500 paid out bi-monthly
  • Housing, room and board​​
  • Flexible Hours
  • 9-month commitment
  • Access to the on site Food Pantry
  • Use of ranch vehicles/gas for ranch activities
  • Access to all ranch facilities
  • Internet service
  • Medical insurance
  • 7% mutual fund retirement

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