When you put faith, hope, and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world."  Zig Zigler

A Brighter Tomorrow

The Christian Children's Ranch has temporarily suspended taking youth and students in order to prepare for the next chapter of this ministry. We anticipate opening our doors to youth again in 2020. 


The Christian Children's Ranch has a created a great legacy of helping children by placing them in loving homes, and providing them a quality, individualized education. We are so grateful for each and every donor, supporter, staff member, and volunteer who has poured their heart and soul into supporting this mission. Your leadership team desires to continue this legacy while moving forward with meeting the complex needs of today's youth, write the next chapter of this ministry, and build bridges to a brighter tomorrow for youth.


The Christian Children’s Ranch exists to provide stability, education, resources, life skills, and spiritual connection for at risk youth to encourage success in developing their God given potential through compassionate connections in a home like setting.

The Christian Children’s Ranch is a private, non-profit residential care home for abused, neglected, abandoned, and displaced youth. We provide safe housing, highly-trained staff, education, therapeutic services, and opportunities to engage with local churches to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk youth.

The following are the core values of the Christian Children’s Ranch and are designed to promote health relationships with each other,  and with our Creator.
1. Because we are loved by our Creator, we will lead with love.
2. Because healing only come through connection, we will practice compassion.
3. Because we all have a story that nobody else has lived, we will promote acceptance and respect.
4. Because we are precious children of God, we will treat each other with dignity and respect.
5. Because problems are only obstacles to move around, we will focus on solutions.
6. Because we are all on the same team, we will promote responsibility for self and others.
7. Because we live in community, we will be helpful to ourselves and others.
8. Because there is already enough pain in this life, we will be kind and not hurtful.
9. Because connection is what gives life meaning we will promote healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and our Creator.
10. Because our Creator shows us grace beyond measure, we will practice grace.Christian Children's Ranch has a proud heritage of helping children. That legacy continues as we look to the future and meeting the needs of at-risk youth today. The need is great. Our ability to meet that need means keeping up with the demands of today. 

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