Our History

The Beginning

In 1942, Arnold & Eva Kernen saw the need for a home for homeless children and began the Boise Christian Children's Home; now know as The Christian Children's Ranch.The children's home was started with the belief that children need a loving mom & dad, a stable home life, daily bible instruction, solid christian character, and to reach out to others in need. The Original site, northwest of downtown Boise started with 2-1/2 acres, with an additional six added later. Old army barracks became additional sleeping quarters, and a dining hall was built and shared by all. This was a great start but, the Kernens had a big dream. They envisioned a rural farm life for the children with homes with kitchens, animals, and an on-site school to teach additional Christian values.

The Dream Becomes Reality

On June 14, 1976, the dream of a rural environment became a reality when 80 acres was purchased way out of town.  Three homes were built and the NEW location became the Christian Children's Ranch. Eventually a forth home was built, as well as apartments for staff to live in. The new location allowed the Kernen's dream to become a reality. At-risk children were provided a home like, structured environment with loving parents who modeled Christ's love, a work strong work ethic, life skills, and a Christian Education.

The years to follow brought additional buildings including a barn, a shop, and eventually a school. 

Link to the Past

Success is not a destination,

it is a journey. Zig Ziglar

The dream of the Kernan's has lived on through the tireless sacrifice and individuals and families. Servant leaders who have dedicated themselves to providing children with homes, education, and Bible teaching.

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